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Training to the level you need
We do not believe in blanket training employees with the same information. It dilutes the key learning outcomes & misses the real need for those that require it. It also leaves the organisation out of pockets and employees on a learning fatigue.
Learner focused
No long didactic speeches or power tripping PowerPoints, learners to discover their own true potential through brain friendly and discovery learning.
Training is designed to be personal to your organisation and employees. Your organisational needs will be discussed as part of the consultation that takes place before the training is carried out. All accredited training interventions will be lent to your organisations values and structures.
A non-didactic approach.
A non-didactic approach. Training designs are interactive and use theories from psychotherapy, psychology, and neuroscience to embed learning that impacts all the delegates. Taking a non-didactic approach to learning and blending learning to suit your needs
Everyone in the room is included and all learning styles are accessed through various mediums. Diversity is key in making the learning experience enjoyable for all.
A hollistic approach is taken within the training room, no force feeding of information. Knowledge is shared but it is for you to choose to take on board what you wish, tasks are not enforced and there will be no role play unless requested. You are asked to participate as much as possible but personal limits are appreciated.
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