Beat the summertime office funk! Keep your workplace motivated!

The summer is in full swing, everyone is on holiday (or so it seems) & you are still in the office. I have put together some top tips for keeping yourself, and your teams motivated while summer is in full swing…

  • Go outside

The benefits from getting outside are vast, take your team meeting in a field/park, go for a walking 1-2-1, or why not get those pack lunches out and have a picnic (don’t forget the sunscreen)

  • Keep hydrated

According to Psychology Today, ‘Our brains depend on proper hydration to function optimally. Brain cells require a delicate balance between water and various elements to operate, and when you lose too much water, that balance is disrupted. Your brain cells lose efficiency.’ With that in mind, make sure staff have access to chilled water.

  • Summer fruit

Hand out watermelons and pineapples are great to keep us a hydrated and healthy snack to keep us going, they also make us feel like we are on holiday (alongside a sparkling lemon drink).

  • Have a relaxed clothes day

With this heat, no one needs to be traveling to work in a shirt and tie or a pencil skirt, blouse combo!

  • Allow flexible working

Staff can start earlier and finish earlier, allowing them to enjoy the sunshine with friends and family.

  • Lunch breaks

Although this should be every day, encourage lunch breaks and in particular encourage outside lunch breaks.

  • Be fun & creative

Do a morning huddle and enjoy a summertime quiz (with prizes of course!)

  • Sunshine & Light

Create as much natural light as possible; make sure blinds are open unless the sun is causing direct screen issues. Reap the rewards of natural light!

  • Happy Hour

Have a frozen treat happy hour, you may want to leave the alcoholic frozen Margheritas for after work, but a frozen mocktail making class or bar would be perfect for reconnecting team members

  • Take a holiday

Encourage employees to take a holiday, especially if team members have a lot of outstanding holiday days to use.

BONUS TOP TIP – BE KIND TO EACH OTHER! Some people love the summer, and some people hate it, be mindful of that and don’t enforce anything, just options!