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The eric curates cultures that increase productivity, improves absenteeism, supports team collaboration and positive relationship building.

Equipping organisations with knowledge through training and understanding of mental health, resilience and wellbeing in the work place.

A working environment that fosters mental wellbeing and balance, supports this. The eric creates and implements changes that help all employees feel understood, fulfilled and supported.

We equip organisations with knowledge through training and understanding of mental health, resilience and wellbeing in the work place. The eric has the whole picture covered and we consult and train for all areas of your organisation so that you can embed the knowledge, skills and values as part of who you are.

Building a resilient work force is tricky; mental health and building positive workplace cultures and values, which can be helpful but it can be confusing too. With the abundance of different information available and varying sources, it can be a challenge to know what is right for your organisation and your teams will be different to others. The eric can support you – giving you an approach for longevity and success within your organisation to help address your challenges and help you meet your goals.



"Hannah has delivered all of our Mental Health First Aid programmes on behalf of MidKent HR services over the last year, currently 64 employees. Hannah has excellent knowledge of the subject area, and a passion and enthusiasm for sharing her knowledge with others. This is obviously a sensitive area for training, and Hannah supports the delegates through the programme well, taking time with them 1:1 when required whilst still ensuring that the group progresses as the programme requires. We have had fantastic feedback from the delegates on the training who often comment on Hannah’s supportive nature and extensive knowledge. Hannah has a very engaging style of delivery, which suits this programme well, and creates within the training a great sense of trust enabling open discussion from the group."

Catherine Harrison
L&D Manager, MidKent HR services

"This is probably one of the most worthwhile and informative courses I have attended. Hannah delivered the training so well and I would recommend to all staff, thank you!

Delegate on MHFA Adult 2 Day

"Hannah is a highly skilled professional who establishes her credibility quickly. Hannah builds professional rapport adeptly and has an ability to put people at ease in what can be highly sensitive or difficult situations. She is insightful and helps people gain clarity around complex and challenging issues. I have no hesitation or reservation in highly recommending Hannah as a professional partner."

Sally Pywell
HR consultant, The HR Business

I had 6 coaching sessions with Hannah over a period of around 6 months. At the beginning, I wasn’t sure what to expect from the sessions or how useful they would actually be. Even from the first session I felt that they would be beneficial to me. Hannah was an independent, non-critical and non-judgemental sounding post, helping to provide some direction only after helping me reach decisions on my own through conversation, use of theory and tools. My experience of coaching with Hannah has been very positive and I would recommend it for everyone, whatever you are trying to achieve.

KCC Coaching Client

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